Quick Turn-Around.
Maximized Profits.
Global Distribution.

Get the distribution of a traditional publisher.  The flexibility of self-publishing.  The POWER of Partnership Publishing.

  • Quick Turn-Around: Once we receive the final manuscript, we can have your book published within 60 days.
  • Maximized Profits: You worked hard writing your book. We have created a way for you to maximize your royalties.
  • Global Distribution: We have partnered with some of the largest distributors in the world to make your book available to the masses.

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      Our books are online, available for sale and in the author’s hands quickly.  Once we receive the final, edited manuscript our turnaround time is usually less than 60 days.


      Though we print some of our titles with an offset press, we encourage our authors to print with our on-demand model.  The many advantages that this model gives the author outweigh the drawbacks.  One big advantage is that the book can scale quickly – there is no need to wait on the next printing, it is always set up and ready to go.


      Our authors have more freedom with our model.  For authors who want to sell primarily through online sites and their personal contacts, we offer a royalty rate of 30-50%.


      Our books are all distributed digitally as well as physically.  The author has a lot of freedom in pricing for digital distribution and can lower the price at any time to create more momentum.  All profits from digital sales are divided evenly between publisher and author.

    • VOLUME

      We are a small, nimble publisher with the ability to focus on our clients.  We want to enjoy getting to know our authors and their books during the publishing process.  Because of our fast turnaround speed, we are able to provide both personalized focus and produce a high volume of quality titles.

    • REACH

      One of the best ways to sell books is to write more books.  As books are printed at a faster speed, their reach will grow exponentially as they are read by more people.  In the first year, a difference of 30 or 40 books may not seem like a huge number.  By the time those books have reached their audience and those folks are writing books as well, the number will be exponentially larger.


      Authors do pay upfront to publish with us, mainly because we want to partner with the author and to do that, we both have to have some skin in the game.  In return, the author receives a higher royalty on the back end.  This structure motivates the author to become personally involved in the marketing and selling process, a must for any book to succeed.


      Want to do a second edition?  Add a workbook?  Do an online-only supplement?  We can do it all and more, quickly and inexpensively.  It may be hard to capitalize on momentum when the turnaround speed is months or even a year out, but when you can do it fast, more opportunities are there for the taking.


      At Lucid Books, we are committed to author education.  The future of the book market is wide open and changing constantly, but we believe that educating writers about what good literature is, why you should care about design, how to sell your own book, and more is just as important as distributing the book.  At Lucid, our service does not end once the book comes out – we are just getting started.